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Pregnancy Care


Unfortunately, back and pelvic pain during pregnancy can be a common problem for some mums-to-be. Here at the Whitchurch Chiropractic Clinic we seek to provide our expecting mums with practical help, knowledge and skills that support the desire to birth naturally and have a great and more comfortable pregnancy.


During pregnancy the body undergoes major postural and hormonal changes. This period of rapid development, hormonal change and ligament laxity, due to the release of relaxin (a pregnancy hormone) combined with the increase in weight, causing the mother's centre of gravity to shift may be one of the reasons why many pregnant women suffer from various aches and pains.


Here at the clinic we use a specially designed pregnancy pillow which enables complete comfort for the mum and baby during treatment.


Our aim is not only to help with the aches and pains that the mum-to-be may be suffering from, but also to help align the spine and pelvis, which may allow for a more comfortable pregnancy and birth process. Treatment is extremely gentle and safe for both mum and baby.


Common complaints we see in mums-to-be include general musculoskeletal aches and pains, leg pain, low back and pelvic pain and pubic symphysis dysfunction (SPD).






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