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Patient Testimonials


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  • For years, I have struggled with varying degrees of back pain as a result of a lot of sport and a car accident...

    I'd seen specialist physio's, doctors and personal trainers but none of them could get to the root of it.


    I was mentioning about how I was drained by the constant peaks and troughs of living with it when a friend recommended seeing Michelle.


    I had never considered seeing a Chiropractor before, the first session really threw me for 24hrs then the relief started but this time it stayed. I am now better than I ever thought possible.


    From Sarah

  • During my pregnancy I received treatment from Michelle at the Whitchurch Chiropractic Clinic as I struggled with sciatica due to the extra weight I was carrying. ...


    The pain during my pregnancy meant day to day life was very uncomfortable, but the discomfort significantly reduced through the regular treatments I received.


    When our son was just 8 weeks old, my husband and I noticed he wasn't turning his head to the left and he found it difficult feeding and sleeping when on his left side, so we brought him to the clinic to be assessed by Michelle.


    She identified a strain in his neck. After a few treatments the problem was resolved and our son now has a really good range of movement in his neck and no longer struggles to feed and sleep on this side.


    I cannot thank Michelle enough for all the expertise and help and support she has provided for my family. As a professional she is thorough, professional, kind hearted and very understanding.


    Her patience and expertise put us all at ease right from the word go and if it wasn’t for Michelle and her specialized approach, our little boy and myself would not be as fully functional as we are today.


    From Leanne


  • Michelle has been my chiropractor for many years now and her treatments have been so overwhelmingly beneficial to my overall health and well being...


    I have been continuing with Michelle's treatments throughout my current pregnancy too and I owe so much to her as her care has made a large contribution to the fact that I have had comfortable, pain-free pregnancy. My treatments before and during my pregnancy are always gentle and I was given lots of helpful advice and tips.


    I have since recommended my husband and many friends to see Michelle and they are all so grateful for this. I cannot wait to bring my baby along too!


    From Gina

  • When you love your sport and enjoy an active life, you need all the advantages you can get to keep competing as age creeps up...


    When you love your sport and enjoy an active life, you need all the advantages you can get to keep competing as age creeps up.


    Meeting a talented chiropractor like Michelle Bushell was a crucial turning point for me.


    Michelle has effectively become my maintenance manager who skilfully unravels the symptoms I present her with until she gets to the heart of the matter.


    Her thorough diagnosis and her empathy with my body and mind have got me onto race start lines in one piece time after time and helped me to continue to succeed as an athlete."


    From Anne

  • I have known Michelle since she started practising in Reading and would recommend her skills to anyone...


    She has a very pleasing personality and I have always found her very easy to deal with.  She is a consummate professional and is dedicated to her work.


    From Maddy


  • Michelle has treated our family from Grandad to babies over the past years for all manner of back pain and physical ailments...


    She has always listened, discussed the symptoms and then applied herself to making us well and without exception has succeeded. Always attentive and compassionate she is a Chiropractor of profound skill, gentleness and talent and we recommend her services unreservedly.


    Frank, Melodie and family

  • I have been under Michelle's chiropractic care for several years and cannot recommend her enough.

    Through treatment and regular check-ups I have enjoyed good health and excellent recovery from new injuries (work and whiplash related), as well as preventing residual damage from old ones.


    Now I am expecting my first child, having a healthy pregnancy is paramount and Michelle's specialist knowledge is assisting me no end in keeping my body in good shape whilst dancing, teaching and in preparation for labour.


    Michelle is highly professional with genuine warmth and demonstrates a truly caring attitude towards her patients.


    I sincerely advocate her clinic as the place to be for injury recovery, on-going good health and preventative care.


    From Rachel


  • I began having treatment from Michelle when I was 22 weeks pregnant for sciatica I was extremely uncomfortable and at times the pain was quite debilitating...


    From my initial consultation it was apparent that Michelle had extensive knowledge in the treatment of pregnant women and this reassured me.  I felt comfortable that Michelle took the time to carry out a thorough consultation and was able to answer any concerns that I had.


    I continued with treatment right throughout my pregnancy even though the sciatic pain had significantly reduced I still found the treatment effective as it was completely tailored to my ever changing pregnant body!


    From being a patient during my pregnancy I knew Michelle treated babies. I took my newborn to see Michelle for a check up and also because she seemed uncomfortable and distressed which I put down to the fact that she would go for days without having a bowl movement.


    I tried her on different formulas but this didn’t work. After each treatment session my daughter would have opened her bowels either the same day or at the very latest the next day and was much happier – I was amazed at how effective the treatment was.


    Michelle was very gentle and did not use any excessive pressure and for the most part my daughter remained completely relaxed throughout the treatment. Michelle also showed me some gentle tummy exercises that I could do at home to help her.


    I would highly recommend chiropractor treatment and would definitely return my daughter for further treatments if there were a reoccurrence or any common ailments that babies may have.


    From Trisha


  • I started to see Michelle a week after my daughter was born...

    I had suffered from very severe SPD during my pregnancy and was still in so much pain I needed crutches to walk.


    The physio I was having wasn't helping. After just a few sessions I began to feel the difference and was off crutches within 2 treatments.


    From Vicky

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